EPA: Roles and Responsibilities

Successful End Point Assessment involves all key stakeholders (Apprentice, Employer, Training Provider and EPAO) fulfilling their required obligations for EPA. 

Table below outlines key roles and responsibilities of apprentice, employer and training provider for a successful EPA.

Activity Apprentice Employer Training Provider
  • Understand EPA assessment methods
  • Provide evidence of mandatory qualifications
  • Confirm ready for EPA process
  • Ensuring contractual arrangement are in place with EPAO
  • Understand requirements of EPA plan
  • Identifying opportunities for assessment
  • Confirm apprentice is ready
  • Understand EPA plan requirements
  • Provide mock EPA opportunities
  • Ensure knowledge, skills and behaviours are met
  • Confirm apprentice Ace360 registration 
  • Confirm apprentice is ready
  • Read all guidance and support information
  • Submit required documentation to support assessment activities
  • Meet required deadlines
  • Fully cooperate with EPAO staff
  • Attend all assessments as scheduled
  • Support apprentice through EPA
  • Ensure evidence submitted by apprentice complies with data protection legislation
  • Ensure facilities and resources required by the EPAO to meet assessment requirements are in place
  • Support apprentice through EPA
  • Monitor progress
  • Act on EPAO feedback to support future EPA activity

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