Frequently asked questions

What is EPA: End Point Assessment?

EPA is the final stage of an apprenticeship in which an independent assessment of the knowledge, skills and behaviours which have been learned through the apprenticeship takes place testing the apprentice’s ability to apply them in the workplace to confirm their competence in the role.

What is an EPAO: End Point Assessment Organisation?

An EPAO is an Ofqual recognised independent organisation appointed by apprentice’s employer to conduct EPA.

Why doesn’t my training provider conduct EPA?

EPAO which is separate and independent to training provider and employer, ensures that the assessment remains impartial.

What is Gateway?

At end of planned apprenticeship training period, training provider, employer and apprentice conduct a formal review to determine if the apprentice has met all apprenticeship requirements and is ready for EPA.

This review is known as Gateway and requires all parties to formally confirm readiness through the submission of Gateway Readiness Report to EPAO.

How long after Gateway does EPA take place?

EPA is scheduled by EPAO in consultation with apprentice.

The EPA Plan details maximum timeframes in which EPA activities are completed. 

Who conducts EPA?

Xact Assessment conducts EPA using independent approved assessors with recent industry experience.

What activities take place during EPA?

Assessment activities are different for each apprenticeship. Further details can be found in the Xact Assessment EPA Overview

What is moderation?

Moderation is a quality assurance check to confirm the EPA decision prior to notifying the apprentice of assessment outcome.

Who certificates an apprenticeship?

ESFA: Education Skills Funding Agency certificates apprenticeships. EPAO applies to ESFA for the certificate on apprentice’s behalf.