Overview: EPA: End Point Assessment

EPA is the final stage of an apprenticeship in which the apprentice demonstrates professional competence in their role. 

Methods of assessment follow EPA Plans published by IfATE: Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education

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Choosing an EPAO (End Point Assessment Organisation) before, or early into the apprenticeship, ensures that employer, apprentice and training provider share a full and joint understanding of the assessment process from the outset.

Passing EPA enables the apprentice to achieve qualification and professional fire safety recognition.

Xact Assessment ensures that industry qualified assessors with recent occupational experience conduct the process.

The employer is responsible for choosing this independent organisation either directly or in conjunction with the training provider. This should be conducted a minimum of three months before the end of the apprenticeship training period and gateway assessment.

The cost of EPA is incorporated within the apprenticeship funding (excluding retakes and resits. See EPA Costs and Fees for more details.